Build Better Boundaries

An 8-Week Therapy Program For People Pleasers.
1-On-1 Teletherapy Sessions.
Pay Only If You Improve.
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Virtual Sessions

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Rewiring Thought Patterns

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Emotional Health Improvement

Stop The Cycle Of People Pleasing.


Our 8-week program offers an effective route to rewiring people-pleasing behaviors via neuroscience-based techniques. With weekly 1-on-1 teletherapy sessions and an app to use for 15/minutes a day, we help you rewire your neural pathways for an improved mindset.

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In-Depth Personality Assessment

Identify Your People-Pleasing "Traits"


Weekly 1-On-1 Teletherapy Sessions

Personalized Treatment Plan With A Mentor


An App To Rewire Neural Pathways

Play Rewiring Games and Activites For 15 Minutes/ Day

Personalized Treatment Plan

Weekly teletherapy sessions and an app to use in-between. You will learn how to rewire dysfunctional thought patterns/ behaviors over the course of 8 sessions.

Immediate & Measurable Progress

We utilize an effective neuroscience-based methodology that strengthens neural connections through four key processes: learning, repetition, habit formation, and real-world action.

Pay Only If You Improve In 8 Weeks

Go through the program first, and pay at the end only if you notice an improvement.  Risk-Free. No commitments or hidden fees. 


@alexapolline If you are interested in trying out a new approach to improving your mental health, I would wholeheartedly recommend Dharma life. I feel such a shift in myself, more grounded and confident, more able to express myself authentically, and more balanced. So grateful for the opportunity and insight into the power of neuroscience.