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Reduce Your Sensitivity

By +50% in 8 Weeks. 
Pay Only If You Improve.
  • Balance Your Emotions

  • Feel Less Overwhelmed

  • Stop Overthinking

  • 1-On-1 Sessions 

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An 8-Week Program To Reduce High Sensitivity


Our 8-week program offers an effective route to reducing the negative effects of High Sensitivity through neuroscience-based techniques. With weekly 1-on-1 virtual sessions and an app to use for 15/minutes a day, we help you rewire your neural pathways for an improved mindset.

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Balance Your Emotions.
Feel Less Overwhelmed.


Over the course of 8 sessions, you will discover the aspects of your personality that contribute to high sensitivity. You will be given personalized activities to restructure specific thought patterns and behaviors.

Your Improvement Is Guaranteed.

We encourage you to go through the full program first and pay at the end when you see an improvement. 

Weekly 1-On-1 Sessions

Weekly 1-on-1 sessions and an app to use in-between. You will learn how to rewire dysfunctional thought patterns/ behaviors over the course of 8 sessions.

Immediate & Measurable Progress

We utilize an effective neuroscience-based methodology that strengthens neural connections through four key processes: learning, repetition, habit formation, and real-world action.

Pay Only If You Improve In 8 Weeks

Go through the program first, pay at the end only if you notice an improvement.  Risk-Free. No commitments or hidden fees. Sliding Scale Offered.

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@lizgetman I just finished an 8-week program with @DharmaLifeUSA and wow! I experienced some real growth.
✔ My reactivity is lower.
✔ My mental and emotional states are more balanced.
✔ I have a greater understanding of who I am.
✔ I’m ready to take my life and work to the next level.

I could go on and on, but if you…

✔ are learning to live as a highly sensitive person
✔ are experiencing a major life transition
✔ want to improve your interpersonal and professional relationships
✔ have trouble setting boundaries
✔ or are really just committed to self-improvement...

Check out @DharmaLifeUSA.

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