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Boost Your Self-Esteem In 8 Weeks.

Pay Only If You Improve.
  • Rewire Your Confidence

  • Make Independent Decisions

  • Improve Your Self-Worth 


@itsbcat I have seen a massive improvement in myself. I’m standing up for myself more, becoming more independent when making decisions, and learning to enjoy spending time by myself. I’m aware of the problematic habits I have and can stop myself from falling into the same old patterns.

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Confidence Is a Personality Trait That Can Be Improved.

If you have Low Self Esteem, you've most likely noticed how it affects every aspect of your life. Whether it be in work, relationships, creative pursuits, or decision making- you underestimate your capabilities. While it may seem like an impossible feat, we've developed a way to improve your self-confidence in just 8 weeks.

8 Sessions. 1 App. +50% Improvement Guaranteed.

With an app to use in between weekly phone sessions, you’ll be given the tools to improve your self-esteem by at least 50% (measured by a pre and post-test score). The best part? We encourage you to go through the program first and pay at the end if you notice an improvement. No risks, commitments, or hidden fees- fill out the form below for a free consultation call.

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"The best 8 weeks of my life! Thank you @dharmalifeusa for helping me shift my mindset and improve my mental health "

Tatiana, @acupoftati

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Weekly 1-On-1 Sessions

Weekly 1-On-1 sessions and an app to use in-between. You will learn how to rewire dysfunctional thought patterns/ behaviors over the course of 8 sessions.

Immediate & Measurable Progress

We utilize an effective neuroscience-based methodology that strengthens neural connections through four key processes: learning, repetition, habit formation, and real-world action.

Pay Only If You Improve In 8 Weeks

Go through the program first, pay at the end only if you notice an improvement.  Risk-Free. No commitments or hidden fees. Sliding Scale Offered.

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