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Dharma Life Sciences: 8-Week Emotional Health Program

Overcome Your Emotional Health Struggles.
8 Virtual 1-On-1 Sessions.
Pay Only If You Improve +50%.
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1-on-1 Sessions. Personalized Care. 

Our program guarantees a significant change in the way you feel and how you respond to emotional triggers. We have trained and certified in-house mentors who will take you through every step of the program.

Pay Only If You See An Improvement In 8 Weeks.

With weekly 1-on-1 phone sessions and an app to use for 15 minutes/day,  we assure at least a 50% improvement in your emotional state by the end of 8 weeks- regardless of your starting point. The best part? We encourage you to go through the full program first and pay at the end once you see results.
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Virtual Sessions

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Rewiring Thought Patterns

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Emotional Health Improvement

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An Unbalanced Trait Is At The Root Of Your Emotional Health Struggles

Any persisting emotional issue can be traced back to an unbalanced personality trait. A single trait can affect several areas of your life. If you closely examine your emotional struggles, you’ll notice at least one common link between them. This common link points to the root cause for most of these issues- an unbalanced trait.

Our experiences shape the way we think and act. Significant and repetive life experiences can form biases/behaviors that negatively imapct your emotional status. It’s difficult to notice your own bias- but it’s not hard to see how it affects certain aspects of your life. That’s why it’s important to counteract these thought patterns and behaviors with more adapative ones- until the change becomes unconsious and automatic.
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8 Sessions.
+50% Improvement.

You will have 1-hour weekly sessions on the phone with an appointed mentor. They will help you identify your unbalanced trait(s) and improve them over the course of 8 weeks. With a pre and post-test score, you will be able to measure your trait percentage improvement once you've completed the program.

Immediate & Measurable Progress

Once you've decided on a trait to balance, your mentor will provide you with an app containing trait-specific games and activities designed to rewire neural pathways through learning, repetition, and habit formation. During each session, they will help you identify trait-specific triggers, and teach you how to apply the new thought pattern. 

Risk-Free Improvement Guarantee

We guarantee a 50% improvement or higher by the end of the program. We encourage you to go through the 8-week program first and pay at the end only if you see an improvement. With our risk-free guarantee, you can opt-out at any time- no risk, no commitment, and no payment info required.

It's Easy To Get Started- Schedule a Free Consultation Call With Us Today.


@mamabearcare I just finished the @dharmalifeusa 8-week program, and I’m walking away with an arsenal full of tools to fight back when my mind starts to spiral. But now I am cognizant of my emotions and overstimulation, and my tendency to get stuck on details that amplify negative feelings. That kind of insight is so powerful because it gives me the upper hand in each brain battle.

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