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Stop Obsessive And Intrusive Thoughts

Pay Only If You Improve +50% In 8-Weeks.
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An 8-Week Program To Stop Obsessive/ Intrusive Thoughts


Our 8-week program offers an effective route to treating obsessive and intrusive thoughts via neuroscience-based techniques. With weekly 1-on-1 virtual sessions and an app to use for 15/minutes a day, we help you rewire your neural pathways for an improved mindset.

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Rewire Your Brain For Less Guilt, Anxiety, And Alienation In 8 Weeks.


Obsessive and intrusive thoughts are more common than we think- anyone can experience them. They often stir feelings of alienation, guilt, and anxiety when they occur.  That's why we've created an 8-week program to treat obsessive thoughts with neuroscience-based techniques.


Go through the program first, pay at the end only if you see an improvement.

Weekly Teletherapy Sessions

Weekly teletherapy sessions and an app to use in-between. You will learn how to rewire dysfunctional thought patterns/ behaviors over the course of 8 sessions.

Immediate & Measurable Progress

We utilize an effective neuroscience-based methodology that strengthens neural connections through four key processes: learning, repetition, habit formation, and real-world action.

Pay Only If You Improve In 8 Weeks

Go through the program first, pay at the end only if you notice an improvement.  Risk-Free. No commitments or hidden fees. Sliding scale offered.


@mamabearcare I just finished the @dharmalifeusa 8-week program, and I’m walking away with an arsenal full of tools to fight back when my mind starts to spiral. But now I am cognizant of my emotions and overstimulation, and my tendency to get stuck on details that amplify negative feelings. That kind of insight is so powerful because it gives me the upper hand in each brain battle.

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