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Reduce Your Anxiety

8-Week Emotional Health Program. 
Pay Only If You Improve +50%.
  • Rewire Anxious Thoughts

  • Work Through Triggers

  • Improve The Way You Feel 

  • 1-On-1 Sessions 

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An 8-Week Program To Reduce Anxiety


Our program offers an effective route to reducing anxious thought patterns and behaviors through neuroscience-based techniques. With weekly 1-on-1 virtual sessions and an app to use for 15/minutes a day, we help you rewire your neural pathways for an improved mindset.

Anxiety Is a Habit That Can Be Broken

Our cells are living beings, and they become accustomed to stress over time. Anxiety has a purpose- it is meant to be balanced. In evolutionary terms, we feel anxious to process threatening cues and information, so we can respond appropriately.  Brain rewiring reduces the body’s dependence on stress and anxiety- and promotes an alternative way of thinking and processing anxiety-based emotions.

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Weekly Coaching Sessions With Your Mentor

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Complete Rewiring Activities At Home

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Set And Achieve Anxiety-Reducing Goals

Rewire Your Anxiety With Neuroscience 


Backed by neuroscience, the Balance Personality Program helps you manage stress and anxiety through rewiring techniques. With 8-Weeks of 1-on-1 sessions, you’ll learn how to lead a more peaceful and balanced life.

8 Sessions. 1 App. +50% Improvement Guaranteed.


With an app to use in between weekly phone sessions, you’ll be given the tools to improve your Anxiety by at least 50% (measured by a pre and post-test score). The best part? We encourage you to go through the program first and pay at the end only if you notice an improvement. No risks, commitments, or hidden fees- fill out the form below for a free consultation call.

Weekly 1-On-1 Sessions

Weekly 1-on-1 sessions and an app to use in-between. You will learn how to rewire dysfunctional thought patterns/ behaviors over the course of 8 sessions.

Immediate & Measurable Progress

We utilize an effective neuroscience-based methodology that strengthens neural connections through four key processes: learning, repetition, habit formation, and real-world action.

Pay Only If You Improve In 8 Weeks

Go through the program first, pay at the end only if you notice an improvement.  Risk-Free. No commitments or hidden fees. Sliding Scale Offered.

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